Why choose a serviced apartment rather than a hotel room?


We’ve been running Serviced Apartments in Bristol for over 10 years now and the industry has changed quite a lot in that time, the explosion of Airbnb and Aparthotels mean there is now a lot of choice and people may not be aware of the full benefits of choosing an apartment over a Hotel.

Obviously sometimes a hotel is perfect for your needs and let’s be honest, Serviced Apartments might not be for everyone. Personally I love them so here are my top reasons for selecting an apartment instead of a hotel.

Full Kitchen / Takeaways 

Especially in the January ‘new year new me’ period people are very conscious about the food they consume. Apartments allow the benefit of a full kitchen allowing you to cook the food you want to. This can be especially helpful if you have specific dietary requirements. If away for business, relying on the hotel meal or restaurants can get expensive and repetitive (although Bristol does have some fantastic restaurants – we definitely recommend trying some). Being able to cook your own food helps you feel at home and settled.

Secondly some Hotels have strict no outside food policies or its awkward to order in – you don’t have this problem with a Serviced Apartment. Whether it’s a Dominos, an Indian, Chinese or a local restaurant this is not a problem.  All our Bristol City Centre/Clifton/Cotham locations have Deliveroo and all of them have Just Eat if you fancy a takeaway.
In the next few weeks we’ll do another blog with some of our favourite places that are on Deliveroo in Bristol with inspiration for your next visit.

Kitchen - Beaufort House
Cook to your heart’s desire

More Space

Unless you’ve bought the presidential suite; most hotel rooms only consist of one room featuring a bed, maybe some chairs and a TV. With our apartments you get at least one sofa (usually 2) a dining area and a television. Not to mention a separate bathroom and if booking a Superior 2 Bed a 2nd ensuite bathroom as well.
This make them perfect for relaxing in the evening or entertaining friends and family for dinner. Apartments provide a freedom and versatility that is often lacking in hotels. Need to do some work? No problem, forget the cramped tiny table and use the full space we offer in the privacy of your own apartment. Hotel Wi-Fi is often charged or unreliable, all our apartments come with free BT Wi-Fi so none of those issues.

Beaufort House - Lounge Area
Beaufort House 1 Bed Living Area


You might think that Apartments would be much more expensive than a hotel... you might be wrong. Certainly booking a 2 Bedroom Apartment with 4 guests would work out cheaper than a 2 x Hotel rooms and the savings get better. You also get more space for your money as we have previously mentioned.
For example a 2 night stay in a Superior 2 Bed at Hamilton Court from Feb 28th to 1st March would cost £328.00 for the 4 guests. The same enquiry for Hotels would range from £298.00 at the Royal Marriott in one room with 2 x Doubles, 2 Rooms at the Hampton for £463.00 or £376.00 at the City Centre Ibis.  Not forgetting the extra space you get with the apartment.

Rate Image
Cost of Hotel


These are just a few of the benefits of choosing a Serviced Apartment over a hotel for your next visit to Bristol. Get in touch today to book yours, we are more than happy to help and answer any questions you might have.

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