A quick guide on how to survive the heat in a serviced apartment.......

Britain has seen some unseasonably hot weather (whether it’s snowing or HOT it is always “unseasonable” - we Brits are much more used to damp lukewarm days) and the news is predicting another heat wave.

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Although we do provide fans in the apartments, we do often get feedback that the apartments get very hot and the fans are of little help - I myself have the same issue at home. We thought we would put together some practical tips on how to beat the heat, borrowing heavily from self confessed Thermophobe, Bristols very own legendary comedian John Robins.

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With Air conditioning being a rare luxury in the UK, buying a standalone air con unit is not really something feasible for travellers, which was John’s first tip. Failing that our tips for the hot weather is as follows.

Step 1: CLOSE the windows draw the curtains. The heat outside will find its way inside otherwise. You also need to close the curtains to reflect sunlight to avoid creating a greenhouse effect. Close the windows at 10am and do not re-open until the outside is cooler than the inside (usually after dark). Alternatively you can use a reflective pad (like used in cars) to have the same effect.

Step 2: Avoid cooking. This will only add extra heat to the apartment – a great excuse for takeaway! / Going out for dinner. Bristol has lots of amazing places to eat or to eat in via Deliveroo/Just-Eat.

Step 3: Maximise the use of the fan – during the day, you can place a box of ice in front of the fan to spread cool air around the apartment. In fact – if this isn’t done the fan can have the same effect as a fan over, heating the air and making it worse. In the evening/night time when you have opened the window – place the fan directly facing the window, this will blow the hot air out of the room and bring in cooler air to replace it.

Step 4: Avoid hot steamy showers and better yet – have a cold shower before bed. This will cool your ambient body temperature down and make you less susceptible to the heat. Another follow on from this – drip dry yourself by the fan, this was spread cool air around and have the same effect as sweat does.

Step 5: Further tricks – have a hot water bottle? It does the opposite if you put it in the freezer before bed. Wear a damp t-shirt to bed, this will also keep you cool. Avoid hot heavy meals, eat lightly. The usual also applies, drink plenty of water, ice pops and icy drinks are great for helping you too cool down. Hot beverages are also actually good! But make sure to choose low-caffeine ones.

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