Bristol Breweries….The beer scene in Bristol has come on massively in the last few years,

with craft beer (also known as small batch beer) becoming a local frontrunner, reflected both in the number of new breweries and bars to cater for such a demand. The main hub for this is colloquially known as the ‘Beermuda Triangle’ and can be found around King Street & Welshback. It encompasses Brewdog, Beer Emporium, The Famous Royal Navy Tavern and Small Bar to name but a few. They are flanked by the ever famous boat The Apple for Cider (you can’t after all write about Bristol without mentioning Cider).


More important than where to drink it is where it comes from. Bristol has been blessed in recent times with a number of new start-up breweries making it their home. So with that in mind on a sunny and showery Saturday in Bristol we took a tour of a few of these new breweries with a tour run by UK Brewery Tours (Bristol Brewery Tours). We started early and met at another Bristol landmark Boat – The Grain Barge, owned and run by Bristol Beer Factory. After the meet and greet we took a short ferry to Temple Quay, during the ferry trip we were treated to two halves of beer from Crane Brewery as well as a talk on the different types of hops found in these beers.

Once we arrived it was a short walk to the Moor Beer Brewery and Tap Room. Moor beer have been brewing beer since 1996 in Somerset before moving to Bristol later on. We were led on a tour of the Brewing equipment for an informative talk before being allowed a taster of three thirds of our choosing from the 6 or so beers on tap. More information on Moor Beer can be found on their website: More Beer Brewery.

Darth Vader also likes the beers, sheltering from the rain.

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Once finished and dodging the rain showers it was time to walk around the corner to one of the newest breweries, Good Chemistry Brewing. Good Chemistry Brewing is run by a couple Kelly & Bob. They don’t usually open the brewery but were having an ‘open brewery’ day. Whilst here again we were allowed a choice of pint of our choosing to taste. The sun decided to come out as we watched Glastonbury on a big projector that had been set up for the weekend. You can find details about them here: Good Chemistry Brewing

The last brewery stop on the tour was Left Handed Giant, closely associated with Small Bar mentioned in the Beermuda Triangle. Left Handed Giant do not currently have a permanent location, referring to themselves as ‘cuckoo brewers’ renting from other more established breweries. They own smaller equipment for which they do test batches on before moving on the bigger rented equipment. We had another informative talk about the Left Handed Giant ethos and method for brewing which was fascinating. After the talking we were offered a chance to taste and to enjoy the tap room, complete with ping pong table and basketball hoop rigged up to a forklift truck. Left Handed Giant

Finally it was time to return to the famous Beermuda Triangle for one more tasting of thirds at Beer Emporium, having sampled a few local beers and learnt much about the local brewing scene.

Bristol as we’ve mentioned is fantastic for the local beer scene, with the above mentioned only being a small smattering of the breweries in town. The local scene is fully celebrated during Bristol Beer Week which this year runs from Saturday 27th August until Friday 2nd September and many of Bristol’s pubs and breweries will be partaking.

For those wishing to stay or visit any of the above mentioned Breweries, Cabot Mews is closest to Left Handed Giant, Moor Beer & Good Chemistry, Marsh House is only a few metres away from Beermuda Triangle, but please remember to drink responsibly in moderation and be respectful to all guests!

Alderman Apartments Resident Beer Aficionado,
Samuel Parker

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