There’s nothing worse than having a bad night’s sleep, and then the following day having to be alert in important business meetings and work situations for the whole day.

We have a few steps you can follow to help aid a good night’s sleep and start the next day feeling fresh and alert.

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  1. Try to keep to the same bed-time routine. It can be tempting, when travelling with business, to arrive at your accommodation at the end of a day of travelling, or meetings, and have a nap. This will affect your night-time sleep pattern, so it would be better to get out and get some fresh air or take part in some exercise to keep you occupied until your usual bed time.
  2. Don’t over-eat in the evenings. This will make your body work harder than usual to metabolise the food, and end up contributing to a restless night, where you feel too full! Try to eat small portions, and resist eating dessert or a cheese platter at the end of the night which is rich and filling food. Green or mint tea is great to drink after a meal or just before bed, as it will help aid digestion and contribute to a better night’s sleep.
  3. Did you know that too much artificial light from devices such as phones and laptops can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle? This is because it confuses your body which automatically uses light and darkness to determine natural day-night cycles. So, resist taking your iPad, laptops, phones and tablets to bed with you. If you need to catch up on emails or web searches make sure you get it done at least an hour before bedtime. Reading in bed is a great way to help you wind down and make you feel tired.
  4. Drinking lots of water is always so important in keeping your body hydrated and able to function properly, especially if you’ve had a few alcoholic drinks.
  5. A bath before bed is always a great way to relax, unwind and de-stress. Also, a little tip, if you’re used to sleeping in a dark room, make sure you pack an eye mask with you.

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