With the great technological advances that have happened over the past decade it means smartphones and tablets that we have access

 to everyday can make travelling around the country a lot easier.

There’s now a phenomenal amount of free and premium mobile apps lining Google Play, the App Store and Windows Store, all of which provide convenient tools for all stages of the travelling process.

Here are our recommendations for the top 4 most helpful travel apps to help keep your stress levels to a bare minimum; we know how important that is especially when you’re away travelling on business!

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This app is an absolutely brilliant. Just as long as you’re happy allowing it to access your inbox you won’t have to worry collating all your travel plans anymore because this app will do it for you! Flights, train journeys, accommodation plans and much more will just be automatically pulled into your TripIt account from your inbox to create trips and your itinerary for you. You can also send your travel plans to the app manually if you don’t want it to have access to your inbox.


This will be your best friend from now on. When you’re on a business trip you’re going to need to submit an expense report and receipts at the end of it. Expensify is one of the easiest ways to collate receipts, track time or mileage and create expense reports quickly and easily! It features travel itinerary support and smart scan that will read the information from your pictures of receipts.


Great for business men and women who drive a lot, this GPS navigation app will make sure it offers you the quickest route for the current road conditions. It does this by other users in your area being able to submit live traffic updates on jams, police traps, accidents and other hazards so Waze knows to avoid those areas and re-calculate other routes. It’s definitely worth downloading, plus, it’s a lot cheaper than a TomTom!


This app is your very own online urban guide presenting you with a whole load of contact information and comprehensive reviews on local restaurants, shops, bars and other establishments in your area. You can even narrow your result based on price, distance, and hours, or check in at a new location and share your thoughts via social networks.

We haven’t mentioned a good app for accommodation because all you need to do if you’re visiting the wonderful city of Bristol with work is contact us and we can provide you with a simple, one call booking process, plus discounted contract business rates! Find out more about our corporate accommodation here.

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